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Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of the online store www.rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si

The General terms and conditions of the online store www.rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si (hereinafter referred to as the Terms and conditions) are made in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Republic of Slovenia and apply to all users. These Terms and conditions determine the terms of use of the online store, general conditions of the purchase through the online store, the protection of personal data and other rights and obligations of the user and the provider.
The operator of the online store is JUNG  prodaja rabljenih nadomestnih delov, d.o.o., abbreviated name: JUNG d.o.o., Cesta 25.junija 1e, 5000 Nova Gorica, VAT number: SI62093789, registration number: 5678447000, registered with the District court of Nova Gorica under the serial entry number of 1-2661-00 (hereinafter: provider).

By registering an account at an online store or using an online portal, the user accepts these Terms and conditions and confirms that he/she is familiar with them and agrees with them.

Jung d.o.o. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of operation at any time and without prior notice. A user is obliged to review these Rules, Terms and Conditions of Use of www.rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si on a regular basis. It shall be assumed that, by using the Jung d.o.o. website, the user is familiar and agrees with the currently applicable Rules, Terms and Conditions of Use of www.rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si.

1. Registration and login
The new user registers on the portal by selecting the appropriate icon for registration of a physical or legal persons. The user must enter the required information, confirm the Terms and conditions and then click on the button to complete the registration. After completed registration, user receives an activation link to his e-mail address, whit which "account" is activated. When a user's account is activated the user can start shoping at online store rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si.

In case of disagreement with Terms and conditions, registration and purchase are not possible.

A registered user only needs to enter his e-mail address and password (registered user) in order to log in to the website.

The buyer shall be responsible for ensuring that the information in their user account is accurate, truthful, up to date and lawful.

The buyer shall be responsible for ensuring payment for goods or services purchased.

2. Order

Online shoping is available for both physcal and legal clients.

The user can choose a product by clicking on the "add to cart" button.

On the website, the user can make a purchase as a registered user or as a guest. Registered users have the option of reviewing all their orders and it`s easier to return products.

The user can remove the selected products from the basket or simply continue the purchase. In the next stage of the purchase, the customer will be informed what personal data will be used, and to which address the package will be sent. Furthermore, the user will have to choose the method of payment. Users can pay by proforma invoice, with PayPal or with cash at the time of takeover.

In case the user wants to add a comment to the order, there is a special field available for that. At the end, the user confirms that he agrees with Terms and conditions and proceeds by clicking on the "Finish and send order" button. In case of disagreement with the Terms and conditions, the finalization of the order is not possible.
Before submitting an order, i.e. by clicking the "Finish and send order button", the user has the option to review the entire order again and, if necessary, change the order.

Further, the system warns the user that the purchase has been completed. The user receives a confirmation of the order via e-mail address that was indicated on the registration with the provider.

Upon receipt of the ordered products, the user also receives an invoice.

The presentation of products in the online store is not legally binding. As soon as it is placed, an order shall be regarded as an offer under Article 22 of the Code of Obligations.  A purchase contract shall be concluded as soon as the buyer receives automatic confirmation of purchase to which they do not reply.

3. Purchase safety

User is solely responsible for accessing his account and protecting of his user data and password. The user vouches for accuracy and authenticity of all the data he/she has provided and is solely responsible for any damages that may result from inaccurate or false information.

4. Accessibility of information

The provider undertakes to always provide the user with the following information:
• Company information (name, headquarters, VAT and registration number and registration data),
• contact information for fast and effective communication,
• essential properties of goods or services,
• the price of goods or services, including all taxes and other charges,
• possible delivery costs,
• detailed payment arrangements, manner and time of delivery or fulfillment of order,
• to disclose the information about the right of the customer to withdraw from the contract, in accordance with 43 article of the Consumer protection act and the conditions for withdrawal; moreover, if and to what extent the costs will be charged to customer.
• time validity of the bid and price,
• an explanation of the complaint procedure, including any contact details of the contact person or the customer service department.

5. Payment

The user can choose from the following payment options:
• by cash (upon takeover),
• Paypal
• via proforma invoice

Cash - payment in cash is made when the goods are delivered, when the delivery service delivers the goods to the desired address.

Proforma invoice - payment with a transfer to bank account is possible with the creation of the proforma invoice in the online store, rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si. It is desired that customer informs the provider of payment of proforma invoice, preferably via e-mail address [email protected]. If the user fails to pay the amount listed on proforma invoice within 14 days, the order will be canceled and no longer considered as such.

6. Prices and goods

When purchasing, prices at the time of order confirmation apply. All prices include VAT. Prices do not have predefined validity. Prices can be changed without prior notice.
Postage is not included in the price of products; prices do not include shipping and packing costs. They are however listed on the calculation of the value of the order, prior to the electronic confirmation of the order, and also on the invoice. The cost of packaging and delivery in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia is as follows:



Up to 10 kg


10kg - 29kg


30kg – 50kg


50kg – 250kg


250kg – 1000kg


The provider reserves the right to change technical descriptions and configurations without prior notice.
Validity period of the sale campaign is indicated with the sale offer.

7. Delivery and delivery time

The online store system of rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si is set up to inform the user at what stage the order is. Products that are in stock will be delivered within 1-3 business days from the date of final confirmation of the order.

If the user appropriately marks the field for personal takeover, this is possible at the head office of Jung d.o.o., Cesta 25. junija 1e, 5000 Nova Gorica. Takeover of ordered goods is possible every workday (Mon-Fri) between 8am and 12pm and 13am and 5pm.

In case of payment via the proforma invoice, the goods are dispatched only after receiving the funds.

In the event that more products have been ordered and more packages are required to be made, the weight of each of the items will be added up and taken into account in the total postage calculation.

If the provider dispatches goods in time, he is not responsible for the delay caused by the shipment company.

Delivery is possible in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, unless expressly agreed otherwise. In the case of delivery outside of the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, the provider will prepare an offer containing the delivery date and the cost of delivery to the desired destination. Consignments are sent outside the territory of the Republic of Slovenia only after the payment of additional postage for foreign address and advance payment for the goods.

8. The right to withdraw from the purchase contract, the return of goods

The consumer (the latter applies exclusively to physical persons who acquire or use goods for purposes other than his professional or gainful activity) is entitled to notify the provider within fifteen (15) days (in case of material, 1 year) of the receipt of the goods that he/she is withdrawing from the contract without having to state the reason for his/her decision. Withdrawal message is deemed valid if the consignment is submitted within the time limit. The only cost to the consumer in respect to withdrawal is the direct cost of returning the goods.

Return of goods is also possible at the headquarters of Jung d.o.o. Road 25. Junij 1e, 5000 Nova Gorica. The costs of the return of goods shall be borne by the customer himself/herself, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Shipments with redemption are not accepted by the provider. In case of delivery at the expense of the provider, the costs of the refund will be charged to the customer according to the valid pricelist of Pošta Slovenije. For the costs incurred for doing business outside Terms and conditions, the bidder is not liable. The goods must be properly protected for shipping. A copy of the invoice and a form for returning goods must be attached. On the form for returning goods must include the bank account number and owner's info, where the money should be paid in the event of a refund. Registered users have the option of an online form for returning products. When reviewing an order, there is a red button for each item to return.
The refund of the paid-in payments will be made as soon as possible, the latest within 30 days from the receipt of the notice of withdrawal.

Goods cannot be returned if the buyer has modified the goods, if some parts within a set of parts have been replaced, and if the goods are not returned in the same amount and in the same state in which they were received. Due regard should be taken of the fact that these are used vehicle parts. Therefore, returns shall not be permitted if parts have been modified or replaced. If a buyer wishes to return only part of a set of parts, they must reach a separate agreement with the seller of Jung d.o.o. regarding return.

In the event that goods are returned, Jung d.o.o. is not obliged to cover the costs of installing or dismantling the vehicle part concerned.

9. Warranty for defects

As the subject of a contract between a seller and buyer relates to used replacement parts, the quality of those parts may be ascertained on the basis of a visual inspection, information on the vehicle from which the part was removed (age, mileage, etc.), the properties of the part, an assessment of the level of wear and tear, and the weight of the part.
These are the essential criteria for establishing whether the part being offered for sale is free of defects.
A seller shall guarantee a used vehicle part in accordance with the legislation in force at the time the purchase contract was concluded.
If a warranty is activated, the seller reserves the right, at its discretion, to repair or replace the part.
A person entitled to activate a warranty shall do so in writing.
A buyer must also comply with the technical rules prior to installing a part in a vehicle. The warranty shall expire if the part is not professionally installed in the vehicle or if the technical rules are not complied with.
When activating a warranty, the costs of assembly and disassembly shall not be taken into account.
A seller reserves the right to engage an independent expert to carry out an inspection and establish whether a buyer is justified in activating the warranty. If the buyer’s complaint is shown to be groundless, the buyer must reimburse all costs relating to the expert opinion and all transport costs.


Sellers offer used vehicle parts for sale on the website. Used replacement vehicle parts have passed through various phases of use. Sellers apply their many years of experience to assess the state and value of the part, using details such as mileage, year of manufacture and the general state of repair of the vehicle.

It is often not possible to check and determine the state of the consumables, such as seals, belts, drive chains, cogwheels and similar items, contained in a replacement part.  As a consequence, consumables are, as a general rule, not offered for sale.

The same conditions shall also apply to larger sets of components, such as engines, gearboxes, doors, etc.

We recommend that you replace all the worn-out components of a replacement part or set of parts prior to installation.

Fluids within a vehicle

Because of the process of dismantling a vehicle and the fact that used vehicle parts are to be shipped, fluids must be drained from the parts to an extent that does not prevent the part from being re-used.
It is therefore important for all liquids and lubricants to be checked and replaced prior to use.

Drive units

Many of the mechanical replacement parts in today’s vehicles require a drive unit adapted to a certain component.

Bear in mind that the control units required to operate engines, gearboxes, xenon headlights and other components are not always among the components delivered.

As a consequence, the seller cannot promise than a drive unit is available for the component you have purchased.

Issues of unavailability shall be stated in the advertisement.

Fixing materials

Used replacement vehicle parts do not include fixing materials.


Corresponding component parts of an engine:

    engine block
    cylinder head
    oil sump
    valve cover

If any of these engine parts are missing, this fact shall be noted in the corresponding advertisement. If you require additional information, please contact the seller.

Automatic gearboxes do not include a converter or drive unit.

10. Goods defects

If the product has a material error, the customer must inform the provider of the error within the legal deadline, in the error message describe the error more accurately and allow the provider to inspect the product. In this respect, the legal provisions of the Code of Obligations and the Consumer protection act apply.

The provisions of the Code of Obligations (Uradni list RS, 83-4287/01 with addenda) shall be applied directly to liability for material defects. As the subject of purchase and sale is used vehicle parts, the contracting parties may exclude the seller’s liability for material defects. The seller must refer explicitly to any such exclusion in the advertisement.

11. Copyright

The entire content of the rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si website is protected under copyright and other forms of intellectual property protection.

This protection covers the information, text, multimedia contents, software and source code. Copyright-protected content may only be used without the consent of Jung d.o.o. for private purposes, where such use must retain all warnings about copyright and other rights. Jung d.o.o. must be stated as the source on all forms of production (copying, reproduction, publication, transfer).

Jung d.o.o. owns all trademarks, texts and logotypes published on the website.

12. Protection of personal data

10.1. By registering into the online store rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si, the customer permits Jung d.o.o., Cesta 25.Junija 1e, 5000 Nova Gorica, as the manager of the personal data database, to use and process personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Personal protection act data for the purposes set out below.

10.2. The operator processes personal data the customer has entered in the registration form (physical person: name, surname, address, postal code, city, telephone or GSM - optional, date of birth - optional, e-mail address, password)(legal person: name, surname, telephone or GSM, e-mail address - if personal data, password, password confirmation).

Also, the following information is collected: data on purchases and acquired benefits: date of purchase, type of purchase, content of purchase, purchase value, payment method.

The provider will use personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the order (execution of the transaction, invoicing, delivery of the product, all processes related to the order) and other order related and necessary communication.

The additional purpose of the processing of personal data for which the user gives his consent on the basis of registration and acceptance of these Terms and conditions is:
• statistical processing,
• market research,
• segmentation of customers,
• processing of past purchasing behavior,
• informing about innovations in offer and operation
• sending of promotional material,
• Invitations to events
• and informing about the prize games organized by Jung d.o.o.

The customer defined in the previous article explicitly agrees that the provider may provide certain personal data (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, postal code) to contractors of personal data controller with whom the latter will have concluded contracts for the processing of personal data, who processes the data on his behalf and for his account.

10.3. By accepting Terms and conditions in the online store rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si and the completed registration, the customer expressly grants and is giving personal consent to the use and processing of personal data. On the basis of his/her personal consent, the operator may process personal data for the purposes described in point 10.2. of Terms and conditions and forward them to companies and contractors.

10.4. The customer may, at any time, in writing or via any other arranged way (for example, by e-mail) request the personal data controller to permanently or temporarily discontinue use of his personal data for the purpose of direct marketing. Within 15 (fifteen) days, the operator will adequately prevent the use of personal data for the purpose of direct marketing.

10.5. The provided personal data will be stored and used only as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected or processed.

10.6. By accepting Terms and conditions, the customer also confirms that he/she is acquainted with the right to inspect, transcribe, copy, update, correct, block and delete personal data related to him in accordance with the provisions of the current law governing the protection of personal data.

In the event of questions concerning the protection of personal data, the user may forward them to Jung d.o.o. Cesta 25. Junija 1e, 5000 Nova Gorica or via e-mail [email protected].

13. Cookies

The website uses:
• Technical cookies - these cookies are used on rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si and necessary for the proper functioning of the website, and are as follows:
• Session cookies used to remember the user's web entries, online shopping carts, etc. Such cookies are indispensable to remember the page and execute the user's request.
• Cookies for the purpose of analyzing traffic - analytical cookies - (counting visitors, identifying browsers and keywords leading to the site, navigation problems)
• Google Analytics cookies are used to monitor the visit to the rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si, to monitor sales and to monitor other habits of users that appear on the website rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si. Google Analytics is a Google Analytics Data Tool that is used to better understand how users use the provider's website.

If the technical cookies on the website of the rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si are completely disabled (in the browser settings), shopping on the rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si website will not be possible or the user will not be able to fully use the features of the site.

14. Contract and archiving of a contract

The contract is concluded when the customer confirms the receipt of the order by means of an electronic message sent to the e-mail address provided. The contract is concluded in the Slovene language.
A signed contract between the user and the seller and copies of the invoices are archived at the head office of Jung d.o.o. on Cesta 25. June 1E, 5000 Nova Gorica. The user can obtain a copy with a request by e-mail to:[email protected].

15. Final provisions

The provider reserves the right to change the Terms and conditions at any time without notice.

Any modification of the Terms and conditions will be published by the provider in an appropriate manner. The publication of Terms and conditions on the website www.rabljeni-avtodeli-jung.si is considered to be an appropriate way. It is considered that the customer agrees to change of the Terms and conditions if he/she continues to use the portal in question.

The provider is making every effort to ensure the up-to-date and correctness of the information published on its pages. Nevertheless, the characteristics of the articles, the delivery period or the price may change so quickly that the provider fails to correct the information on the web pages. In such a case, the provider will notify the user of the changes and will allow him to withdraw from the order or replace the ordered item.

The customer can send objections, comments, requests, statements and complaints by e-mail to [email protected] or in writing to the address: Cesta 25. junija 1e, 5000 Nova Gorica. Resolving objections, remarks, claims and complaints will take place in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.

For all disputes arising from the use of the web portal and from these Terms and conditions, which the provider and the customer could not resolve amicably, the District Court of Nova Gorica is competent.

These conditions shall take effect from 01.10.2020

Nova Gorica, October 2020
Jung d.o.o., Nova Gorica