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About Us

Company JUNG d.o.o. was founded in 1992 and has been, since the beginning, active in the field of dismantling end-of-life motor vehicles (IMV), preparing raw materials for recycling and selling used functional utility parts. Today, this area is simply called "car junkyard".

We operate in accordance with all regulations and environmental standards. As a center for the dismantling of end-of-life vehicles, we have obtained an environmental permit for waste processing under no. 607, which is managed by the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia. We are already achieving higher than 90% recyclability of end-of-life vehicles.

Within the company, we also have a collection point for end-of-life vehicles.

For each vehicle we accept, we issue a Vehicle destruction certificate, which is valid for entire territory of the European community.

Since our primary business concern is management of end-of-life vehicles that present hazardous waste, we are seriously aware of the importance of environmentally friendly business.

That is why we have adjusted and adapted our technological processes so that it is as friendly as possible to the environment, we have set high environmental standards for ourselves and while we were defining our basic business goals we did it with concern to protection of the environment. We did all that, while still moving development forward. Technologicaly and in regard to human resources. The company follows modernization guidelines dictated by the European directive for the management of end-of-life motor vehicles and therefore look, among other things, towards the achievement of the highest recyclability of waste arising from the dismantling of vehicles.

Looking to the future, trusting and respecting good business practices, willingness to work together are practices we are including into the work of our employees, colleagues and partners, thus strengthening confidence in our capabilities and our work by citizens, local communities, business entities and state bodies with which we work.

With comprehensive services, supported by knowledge and tradition, in the field of the management of end-of-life vehicles, we contribute to a healthy, clean and quality life in the Goriška region.

In addition to the wide range of used spare parts, the company has expanded its offer with the sale of new spare parts for all car brands and vehicle types. We offer a wide selection of recognized brands with OEM equivalent parts. With this, we enable our customers to get everything for their steel hobby in one place.