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What is a cookie?

Cookies are files that websites create during a visit. They store site settings, profile information, and other information. There are two types of cookies: Domain cookies are set with the domain of the website in the address bar. Cookies from other sites are from other domain sources that have various elements embedded in the site, such as ads or images.

Setting and storing cookies

Cookies can be set by the website you are visiting ("your own cookies") or by a third party website that manages the content of the website you are viewing ("cookies from elsewhere"). Cookies can be stored for different lengths of time, just for the duration of the browsing session, or much longer.

Session cookies: A cookie that allows us to link your actions during a session in a browser. A browser session begins when you open a browser window and ends when you close it. Session cookies are created temporarily and are deleted when your browser window is closed. Persistent cookies: A cookie that remains on your device. The time specified in the cookie, and is activated each time you visit the website that created that particular cookie.

What cookies do we use?




Cookie notification


Used to store the cookie acceptance setting.

Google Analytics


They are used to monitor site visit statistics.

Read Google's policy on this topic.

Shopping cart


Used for online shopping cart operation. It is deleted when you close the browser.



Used to select a language. It is deleted when you close the browser.



Used to select a currency. It is deleted when you close the browser.

If you want to remove the consent to the use of cookies, then delete the cookie named policyAgreed.